Why uptousPledge

Join the global movement and become a positive impacter.

We are building the first positive impact sales force in the world. Become an #IMPACTER and earn while promoting the brands that create positive impact for a sustainable world.

Nour is an impacter and spreads her positive influence and brands through uptous and her social channels.

Living a zero waste and plant based lifestyle, slow traveler Nour is on the mission for sustainability and self-love, followed by 20k people.

Matching you with brands that stand for changing how we do business, forever.

Positive Impact Brands such as Waterhaul, Ocean Bottle or Jumping Pigs are working with #UPTOUS to spread positive impact with our global sales force of #impacters for their sustainable businesses, products and services.

Nour matches perfectly with Jumping Pigs, a sustainable clothing brand from Lisbon.

Jumping Pigs is using the positive impact sales force of UPTOUS to connect with impacters like Nour to promote their clothing.