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Frequently asked Questions
What does produce on demand mean?

Produce on demand means your product will be produced for you after you placed your order, together with the community. This way the production is a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly by saving resources. Because there is no stock-risk we don't have to calculate eventual profit losses through unsold pieces into our prices. It enables us to offer high quality sustainable fashion for unbeatable prices.

When will I receive my product?

That depends on when you join the drop. You can find the exact end-date for the current drop below the "create your own box" button. After you have joined the drop you will need to wait for the remainder of that time plus about 3 weeks of production and shipping after the drop took place.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order anytime before your products are shipped or even return the products within 14 days after the product has been shipped to you and get a full refund.

Can I return my products?

You have the right to return your products within 14 days after they have been shipped to you. Please understand that returns are a big problem for production on demand business. Instead maybe pass products you don't like on to someone that does. Our products sure make for a good gift! Alternatively try to sell them to someone in your region. That way the product does not need to be shipped back and forth throughout Europe.

What makes the products sustainable?

Our products are created with organic cotton. Cotton crops have not been treated with harmful chemicals. The cotton was harvested and processed under better working conditions with living wages and no child labour.
Another even bigger contribution to making our products sustainable is that all of our products are produced on demand. Producing only on demand eliminates overproduction which wastes resources, promotes wasteful lifestyles and consumer behaviour and makes products more expensive than they need to be (because of stock-risk). Our mission is to deliver the best value for your fashion for as little money as possible thus enabling high quality, sustainable products for everyone.

Who are your suppliers?

For the moment we work with one supplier from Portugal. They have been in business for 30 years and are very passionate about their craft. You can get to know them more by visiting https://uptous.co/pages/concept and scrolling down to the interview with them!

When will there be other / more products?

We aim to widen our assortment as fast as possible. The quicker we can prove to the world that the demand for produce on demand fashion is the faster we can deliver new, awesome products. You might ask “You are only producing on demand, why not have a wide assortment right away?”. Good question! The reality is that we need to be careful to meet the minimum order quantities required by our producers for every piece we offer. To be able to achieve that in the beginning we need to focus all of our consumers and orders they place on a smaller assortment first. Bottom line: The bigger the community the bigger the assortment will be!

Why do I have to pay 23% VAT?

Our company is located in Portugal, so we can be close to our producers and work efficiently with them. The tax rate in Portugal is 23% compared to the tax rate of 19% in Germany for example. All our prices are including VAT.